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Air Compressor Station

Air Compressor for RV tires

With our on site air compressor, you no longer have to make that inconvenient stop at the gas station to fill your tires before you head out on your scheduled trip. At McBride’s customer enjoy the free use of our high pressure air compressor that can fill the largest of truck tires up to 275 PSI. The air compressor is free of charge and available 24 hours a day.

In addition, you can stop and check your tires pressure with the air inflator with built in gauge. This way you know what the all your tires pressures are before you start off on your long journey. This service allows our customers to enjoy a safe and reliable fun adventure, knowing that their tires are properly inflated.

Customers love uses the air compressor to also inflate their water toys, inflatable boats or all other needs that require air for inflation.

What Customers Say


Now that was smart. Installing an air compressor to fill your tires makes total sense for us. Jon, Chino CA

When we go to the river we always use the air compressor to fill our towable. The kids love to be dragged behind the boat.? Thanks, Tami Ontario CA

Towing our trailer on hot days means we have to watch our tire pressure. Have the air compressor on site makes it easy for us to check and inflate them the proper pressure. Sig, Diamond Bar CA

We use to have to fight getting through the gas station and maneuver and around the back side to reach their air compressor. It was a huge deal and very stressful. Now we do it before we leave your facility with you system that easy to use. ?Randy, Anaheim Hills CA