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Dump Station

Clean and private sanitary dump stations


McBride’s RV Storage includes (two) modern, easy-to-use dump stations for dumping and rinsing your holding tanks. Both stations are custom designed for RV users in mind. ?The dump station facilities are located in an easy to use covered amenities area. This covered area provides protection to the RV user from the summer’s heat and the winter’s rain. With maneuverability in mind, the station was designed as pull through, making the job so much easier. The floor of the dump station is concrete and tilted towards the drain, guaranteeing a complete clean out of your tanks every time you use them. Another customer feature is the swish and flush pedals that assure a clean and smell free environment. This makes the worst and most unpleasant job for most RV’ers, a simple, easy and sanitary experience. Customers also enjoy the additional hoses provided for vehicles with tank washing/flushing connections.

RV Dump Station

These modern dump stations make RV’ing far more enjoyable. Customers no longer have to endure a smelly and unsanitary, public dump site that diminishes the RV experience.

What Cusotmer Say


No nasty smell!!! The best and cleanest dump station I have ever seen. Even my wife will use your dump station?. That says a lot!?? John,? Upland CA

The swisher/flusher feature is nice.... can’t say I have ever seen that before.? You should Patton the design and sell it to every other public dump station facility.? Clark, Anaheim Hills CA

This use to be the worst thing we hated about RV’ing, now dumping is no big deal.? Sandra, Corona CA

You guys are smart! Tilting the floor gets you a completely empties the holding tanks.? Samuel, Diamond Bar CA

We have seen some disgusting dump sites before, yours is very nice, clean and modern.? Todd, ?Chino CA

Love your boat storage. We pump out our holding tank on our boat into your dump station and it works flawlessly. Thanks.? Randy,? Eastvale, CA

The dump stations are great. We like the pull through design were you can use it going out or coming in. This makes it so easy to use with the pull through.? Cindy, Irvine CA