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Security and Lighting

McBride’s RV storage facility has many priorities. But priority number one is the security features that protect the business and its patrons.Storage entry lights

While most storage yards use only 6 foot chain link fences for perimeters, this facility features 13 foot solid block walls. The unusually high walls deter vehicle theft, vandalism and every sort of devious trespassing. Not only does the 13ft high wall deter trespassers but it blinds most on lookers to what is inside the facility. From the street you cannot identify the nature of the business because you can’t see any RV’s.RV storage at night

The entire facility is brightened with stadium lighting at night.? These extra bright lights offer a higher level of personal safety for tenants visiting the facility after dark. It also provides more than adequate lighting for the video surveillance cameras. With stadium lighting customers can access their storage spaces with ease at night time and have plenty of lighting to use any of the onsite amenities at any time.

What Customers Say

I feel much better that McBride’s chose the high walls. Obviously the security is way better than other facilities that use only chain link fences. Good call?. Andrew,? Orange County CA

Wow! Your facility has a tremendous amount of light at night time?. which is good because you can see what you’re doing and my wife says she feels safe.? Tony,? Estavale CA

We moved are trailer over to McBride’s last year because we found a homeless person living in our trailer at ******** in Corona, where we used to keep it.? We never had a problem since the change. Thanks!? James, Corona CA

We appreciate the lighting at the facility. Because of my work schedule I have to do most of my RVing preparation after hours. Ron,? Anaheim Hills CA